Vilken rekommendation!

“I always joke about how I’d rather go to a dentist than have a haircut or my picture taken. Both services are very delicate: if the master does something wrong ― you can get a ruined image of yourself and a lowered self-esteem. As picky as I am, I can assure that Frida knows her thing to the bone, and that you can trust her skills and vision. She focuses on capturing the magic of what there is rather than on creating something artificial and not-you. Besides that, working with her was so easy and comfortable, that I didn’t notice how the time of our shoot passed. Warmly recommend Frida to anyone who looks for a true master.


Hur lycklig blir man inte när man får såna här rekommendationer? Tack fina Helena! Det var verkligen underbart att få läsa hennes fantastiska ord och det märks att hon skriver till vardags. Hehe! Nu ska jag njuta av lyckan och ni ska få en liten bildbomb från vår fotografering som vi hade.

Här hittar ni mina priser ifall ni önskar boka in en tid för en egen fotografering.



  1. by Linda on March 16, 2014  7:59 am Reply

    Vilka fina ord! Men så var det toppenfina bilder också :)

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